Leo : July 22-August 22, 2014

leoLeo, you are SHINING right now. Sun moved into your sign on July 22nd. With the Sun in Leo, Jupiter in Leo, and Mercury about to go into Leo (August 1st), it is Leo’s time of year, and honestly, Year. Jupiter expands whatever energy it takes on when it moves into a new sign. Here, in Leo, it is expanding our creativity, our interest in children, and childlike behaviors (aka – Fun!) also, relating and friendships. Leos love the story, they love connecting. Leo rules the heart. They have generous hearts and wallets. Watch out for expanded spending. The sunny attitude of Leos is contagious. They will make you feel like royalty, and they love to feel like they are treated like royalty. Of any sign, Leos know what it would be like to be royalty. They have a regal air about them, large manes of hair, and command attention. They are natural leaders. This is the energy we are coming into for the next year, as Jupiter takes a year to transit a sign. It is a great time of risk-taking, which is a nice way to say Leo rules gambling. They are, usually, very fortunate with gambling endeavors. My father won on a scratch ticket in the lotto. That earned him the right to spin a larger wheel for the lottery, worth 5.7 million dollars at the time. I am convinced if I had accepted the fortune energy, he would have won. He landed on the slot next to the grand prize. But in typical Leo fashion, he took the money, a few thousand dollars, and turned it into another win in Reno!

Leos energy is squared to Saturn and Mars in Scorpio right now. This brings clashes. Two formidable energies. . . the lion and the scorpion. They can bring so much to each other, if they get past ego and righteousness, respectively. Venus joins Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun in Leo the second week of August. This will bring highly expanded opportunities for looooOOOve, as Leo needs to connect, and Venus in Leo shines in crowds.

Overall, a very fortunate, and active year for Leos. Enjoy yourselves, you usually do!

Celebrity Leos:  Wesley Snipes (7/31), Barak Obama (8/4), Clint O (8/6), Princess Beatrice (8/8), Bob Moore (my dad- 8/14), Princess Anne (8/15), James Cameron (8/16), Robert Redford (8/18), Bill Clinton (8/19), Matthew Broderick (8/21)

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