LIBRA : September 22 –  October 22, 2014

7libraLibrans, you have been taking a hit with your Sun squaring Pluto since 2008. This year Pluto moves direct on the first day of Sun in Libra, September 22nd. This means you are on a path of clear movement forward in your life. It is a time of taking control of your destiny. Pluto makes changes, life changes which help you move in a new direction. You will never go back to the old life. Librans are the peacelovers of the zodiac. They don’t want to rock the boat. Currently, the Scorpio energy is strongly influencing you to cut away things which don’t relate to your true desires. Scorpio rules your house of money, possessions, personal and joint value and money, and deep commitment. Your passions will guide you now.

Venus and the Moon, as Sun dawns in Libra are conjoined in Virgo, your 12th house of the subconscious and hidden. You have desires and emotions you may not be accessing in consciousness, so look to your dreams and they will guide you. Women are on your mind now, and these planets rule the feminine. This can mean hidden health issues. As Mercury retrogrades in early October, you are, once again, looking at your relationships; how you look at them, and if you are getting your needs and desires met, if you are still invested. With Neptune retrograde, you are looking to past loves and relationships. They will come back in for karmic understanding. With Mercury in Libra retrograde, this is another opportunity to put to rest old issues with another.

Pluto moving direct influences your home life. You are questioning the structure of your relationships with family members, as he squares Uranus in Aries. You are feeling a strong need to be autonomous, but yet you aren’t sure about where it will go. You may be afraid to be alone. You won’t be, but you are in a cycle of learning how to be. This makes you a stronger person within a relationship. Next year will be a better time for you emotionally, as Saturn moves closer to Sagittarius. Freedoms may be curtailed, or you are being shown you must take responsibility for the consequences of your freedom-loving ways. No blame, just ownership. If you don’t want to be restricted, don’t take another’s feelings through the mud. Let it go, and find your place in the Sun. You are a relationship-loving sign, and will always gravitate towards this as baseline. 2014 and 2015 are a time of great shift for you, as your sign makes up one third of the Cardinal T Square with Pluto and Uranus. If you feel frustrated, tired, overwhelmed, you are in the right space. Let it flow through you for the lessons. . . and HAVE A MARVELOUS BIRTHDAY!!!

Famous Libras: Serena Williams (9/26), Gwyneth Paltrow (9/28), Susan Sarandon (10/4), Kate Winslet (10/5), John Mellencamp  & Taylor Hicks (10/7), Sigourney Weaver (10/8), John Lennon (10/9), Penny Marshall (10/15), Tracey Rainwater (10/17), Carrie Fisher (10/21) 

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