Virgo : August 23-September 22, 2014

VirgoVirgo, get ready for a wild ride this coming year. Just to give you an idea of what September, alone, will bring, the planetary shifts are many. To begin with, let’s list them: on September third, Mercury makes its way into Libra. Venus moves into Virgo on the sixth, Mars moves into Sagittarius on the 14th after what seems like a couple years in Scorpio, but was only a month and a half. On September 22, Pluto goes direct after five months retrograde, the Sun enters Libra, and the very next day on the 23rd we have a new Moon in Libra. Finally on the 28th of September, Mercury makes his way into Scorpio. What does all this mean? In a nutshell, it means that we are moving forward, visiting the past, especially with regards to relationships, and truth will be coming out. In the beginning of the month with Mercury and Libra, we revisit, once again, the status of our relationships and just how we are able to express ourselves, and what we need, with regard to them. Venus moves out of relationship-happy Leo, and with the Virgo energy surrounding her, aesthetics, vanity, and health become more important. The Virgin can be very meticulous, and hygienic, so we will see things related to these Virgo traits. Later in the month with Pluto going direct and Mars moving into Virgos square sign of Sagittarius, there will be a clash of sorts. Mercury and Sun in Virgo energy will be at odds with action driven Mars in Sagittarius. This translates to the Virgos’ side wanting to take their time, get to know the landscape, and go over, and over, and over the details while action-driven Sagittarius needs to take move forward, or speak their minds. This translates to good news, even for you Virgo, as you can move foreword, and hopefully past, some of your restrictive concepts. With the Mercury quintile to Jupiter, we may see relationships ending around that change of Sun into Libra on the 22nd. Mercury moving into Scorpio plunges a happy, thinking Mercury into the depths of emotion, and psychology. Scorpionic Mercury will pick apart everyone’s brain, and dazzle them with the results. There will be legal adjustments, court cases or contracts to revisit or initiate. With Mars squaring Neptune around the same time, look for the epic struggle between war and peace to come about again. Mars wants things to move, and engages in foreign activity, which can be at odds with ideology and escapism which Neptune can bring. Neptune is a peace-loving planet, but don’t mistake his laid-back quality for a pushover. This planet rules water, and he is the king of the sea, so there is a disagreement between fire and water, but water wields enormous power, witness Niagara Falls, tsunamis or any flooded town. Neptune in Pisces brings about more emotions in relationships. With Neptune retrograde, still, we are given the gift of dreams and visions. This isn’t, necessarily, a comfortable place for Virgo. Being highly detached, emotionally, and highly attached mentally, Virgos are now learning how to deal with their watery, tearful side.

This coming year will bring more creativity, the opportunity to interact with children around this, either in a teaching capacity or authority figure-type position, such as teacher or principal. Romance is on the upswing, and new friends will be found. Old relationship patterns will finally make their way out of our lives. More time with family will be spent, with Saturn going into Sagittarius in your house of home and family, but there will also be more opportunities for traveling with family members. Activities around sports can bring excitement, and trust any inkling to get to buy a lottery ticket, With Jupiter in Leo in your 12th house of the subconscious. you may be getting a message from a loved one about it. You will be very busy this coming year, something Virgos love. Happy Birthday!

Celebrity Virgos:  Sean Connery, Anne Archer, Elvis Costello (8/25), Richard Gere (8/31), Gloria Estpehan (9/1), Robert Shapiro, Mark Harmon (9/2), Charlie Sheen (9/3), Bob Newhart, Raquel Welch (9/5), Hugh Grant, Michael Keaton (9/9), Shelley Overton, Arnold Palmer, Jose Feliciano, Amy Irving (9/10), Mickey Mouse (9/19), Bill Murray(9/21), Joan Jett (9/22)


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